Children’s dentistry

At Maven Dental Cronulla, formerly Love Your Smile, we promote programs that encourage good oral health for all infants, children and young people. We are here to support overall health and quality of life which underpins good oral health throughout the life of the individual.

Dental health issues for children

Some children have more decay than others and are more susceptible to decay. This can be true of children in the same family. Thorough and regular examinations are necessary to monitor oral hygiene, dental and facial development, the potential need for orthodontic treatment, decay risk and gum disease.

“A prevention program is better than a cure.” If preventative care is strictly adhered to, children need not suffer dental disease.

What can parents do about this?

These children would probably benefit from extra fluoride, which can reduce their susceptibility to decay by about half. Fissure sealing may also be recommended for children whose teeth are ‘at risk’. This involves painting a plastic coating on the permanent molars. It is particularly useful for teeth with deep grooves which cannot be reached with a toothbrush.

Limiting the number of times children eat sugary foods or have sweet drinks, and brushing effectively are the main weapons against decay.

Children under seven don’t have the manual dexterity or the mental application to brush effectively, so parents should do it for them.

And of course, bring them to the dentist, every six months, from the age of 12 months (or when they first have teeth). Miriam McCluskey, our Registered Dental Hygienist, will talk your children through brushing, flossing and eating healthy (sometimes it’s better not coming from the dental professional).

Products for improving children’s Oral Health

We’ve been recommending GumChucks now for nearly a year.  Check out this video on GumChucks OrthoGami (especially for flossing with braces).