Dr Angie Lang, from Maven Dental Cronulla (formerly Love Your Smile) offers an extensive range of cosmetic treatments that are aimed specifically at enhancing the appearance and functionality of one of your most important assets.

Tooth Recontouring

After years of chewing, grinding and accidental wear, your teeth will develop surface inconsistencies. Tooth re-contouring is generally a very short, simple and painless procedure where Dr Lang can re-shape and re-surface your teeth to suit your bite and your smile.

Porcelain veneers

These are thin, tooth-coloured porcelain (ceramic) shells carefully crafted to bond to and cover the front of prepared teeth. They are a more conservative treatment than a crown and can often be used as an alternative if the underlying tooth is strong and healthy.


Tooth whitening (by your dentist) is a fast and effective method of removing that external discoloration and achieving that beautiful summer smile. It’s so simple, and you’re done in around 90 minutes, with a mouth full of amazing white teeth. We use the ZOOM WhiteSpeed system.